2014 GCCPA Points System Award Winners

GCCPA awards exhibitors annually who show GCCPA calves at a
ceremony during the Georgia Junior Beef Futurity in July.
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Top 10 British Heifer Winners
Top 20 British Heifer Winners

Breeder of High Point
British Heifer
Lents Farm
Exhibitor: Baylee Steed

Top 10 Other Breeds Heifer Winners

Top 20 Other Breeds Heifer Winners

Breeder of High Point Other Breeds Heifer - RSE Farms
Exhibitor: Wyatt Chandler

Top 10 Commercial Heifer Winners

Top 20 Commercial Heifer Winners

Breeder of High Point Commercial Heifer
P&M Farms
Exhibitor: Makayla Holmes

Top 10 Steer Winners

Top 20 Steer Winners

Breeder of High Point Steer
A&A Show Cattle
Exhibitor: Gracie Claxton

Senior Exhibitor Award
Anna Scott

Premier Breeder
Moser Cattle Co.

Platinum Breeder
3J Farms
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